About Me

I am a graphic designer working in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I dabble in photography and different types of arts and crafts.

Some Facts

I have a loud laugh. I stay up way too late reading. 75% of the time, I am running late; 20% of the time I’m ridiculously early. Most likely I will have whatever you need in my bag, along with my camera. I always have my camera.

So the name of my blog may seem somewhat random, but I have chosen it specifically.

Some Dreams

I want to become unbridled in how I express myself. To step away from fear and to go for it. To choose discipline. I want art to be rampant in my life, for creativity to spark in every aspect of how I live.  To rest in the all-encompassing creativity of my Creator and to revel in it. To learn from it, and let Him be creative through me.

I want my life to be a song that speaks to others about His creativity, His joy, and the beauty of His heart.

1 thought on “About Me”

  1. Hi, I liked your blog a lot and have nominated it for Liebster Award. See this post:

    I hope you will participate and take this forward.

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