I’d been planning the party for a couple months, and had grand ideas on the decor, but of course real life caught up. It turned out to be a ridiculously busy week for me at both my jobs, so decorating took the back burner. Thankfully, my parents were fabulous and let me rearrange furniture and did some rearranging of their own.

I started with the Christmas garland that we hadn’t gotten around to taking down yet and added some floral craziness to it that I had gotten in late January when Michael’s had all the Christmas leftover super cheap.

I wanted the archway to be  fabulous and full of greenery and hanging “vines” to give the impression of entering or going through something (like a rabbit hole, perhaps?).

View from the Hall/Front Door

Around the same time, as February and Valentine’s approached, these rose garlands were discounted, so I grabbed a few for the other archway.

On one side of the room was a large table that I decorated with various items I had that made me think of wonderland, leaving the majority of the space available for the food everyone was bringing.

Here’s a shot of the room from under the roses: