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Last night was the final night of the Cake Decorating class number 1. We spent the whole class working on roses as the centerpiece for our cake, so we had to bring in a cake that was complete and ready for the centerpiece.

I had a really hard time deciding what I was going to do with the cake. I wanted to use chocolate icing, possibly to make black, and or red icing, though it’s a hard color to make with the taste still edible.

I looked at so many cakes photos last week, and I still couldn’t decide on colors or design.

I ended up doodling cake panels* in small group class** and came up with a design I liked.

* I made a diamond-shaped cake, so I was thinking of the sides as identical panels.

** I promise I was paying attention. I focus better when doodling. And I apparently come up with better cake designs that way. I did my Wonderland cake sketch during a sermon on the back of my notes.

Picture time!

panel sketches

Pre-roses Cake

with roses

Things I learned:
Cake Boss/Duff brand buttercream icings are not the same consistency as homemade/wilton brand. I had to add a TON of sugar to thicken it.

Maybe it was because I carved the diamond down from a larger size on one layer, but I had an AWFUL time with crumbs. I don’t think I’m crumb coating correctly.

I do like multiple colors in one bag.  I love the colors my roses turned. Yellow with a bit of red.

Overall design, I think this was better without the roses, or with much smaller ones.