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So my friend Katie and I, both having Fridays off, have decided that Fridays for this summer are now known as “Fun Friday,” designated for a photo day unless otherwise noted.

This past FF, we drove down to NC and wandered some towns. Unfortunately, it was well over 90 degrees, so we kept close to the car and indoors.

This will be heavy on the photos, just a warning.

katie taking some pictures

creepy. seriously. nothing else i can say.

313 ½


another shot of katie taking some pics. favorite.

love this.


Cupola House Garden in Edenton, NC. Shots of the house on my flickr.

also found this guy creepy. the shading, lighting, and yes, the bird poo, all combined to make a creepy little eye.

the last fun little surprise of the day… frolicking (driving around randomly) on our way home, we found an old jail with stocks. awesome.