Another friend photo shoot! My friend Laura, the blogger afrugalchick, needed some hi-res pics to send to her alma-mater newsletter for an article on her and her dissertation. So I borrowed my dad’s camera and went crazy. Actually, it wasn’t too crazy. We only shot for about an hour, but she let me go through her clothes and pick outfits and stuff. So that was fun. Especially since she hates pictures.

After I went through and picked the better shots and edited a couple, Laura stopped by and picked her faves from my choices. Or, as she put it, the “not bad” ones. ;-) Sadly, she didn’t like any of the manic-coupon-lady shots I made her do, but we’ll work more on that later…

So here you go:

she plays piano. obviously.

she often sits on the bench when she's working on the computer. really.

degree shot.

Learning points:

-When borrowing a camera, be extra careful about focusing on the right spot.
-Lighting. (I’m aware I need to be better at this, just reinforcing.)
-Take my time and keep checking the past shots for focus, etc.

You should check out her website too! Great tips on budgeting & couponing!