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This weekend was Harry Potter weekend, although for me it was only Harry Potter Friday. I spent Thursday and Friday at a friend’s house (Michele), and Friday we had her kids and two other teens for a Harry Potter marathon.

So, being the overachiever that I am, I had some snacks prepared.

But I’ll begin with Thursday and an impromptu shoot:

The Lovely Caitlynn

Unfortunately, I left my camera, so I only had my phone.

On to HP Weekend – Wands

I brought pretzels, molds, and chocolate and we made wands…

Arin really liked hers. Livi was jealous.

Cauldron Cakes

I started these ahead of time:

I cared more about the aesthetics than making them strictly out of cake. Black vanilla chocolate cauldron filled with chocolate cake pieces and homemade whipped cream & Biltmore’s black cherry syrup.



Michele and I decided to use the simplest Butterbeer recipe we found online: cream soda and butterscotch. We didn’t end up making it Friday night, so Michele and the girls made it Saturday. Michele didn’t like it, but the girls loved it. Two of the girls have been to World of HP in Universal and said they liked this better, since it was much less sweet (and they could actually drink it all).m Here’s the pic they sent me:

Alas, they forgot to bring me some. :-( Sad times.

Coming tomorrow: Dinner Club, The Cupcakes That Time Forgot, and quite possibly An Afternoon at the Zoo.