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Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures this time, so I’ll briefly describe.

My Plan

I decided to try a cheese fondue with apples, bread, & grapes to dip, and I also experimented and made some apple cupcakes to go with a Maple-flavored whipped cream. Mmmmm.

What Actually Happened

I made the fondue (which turned out yummy!) with brie, a shredded Italian cheese bag, heavy cream & apple cider. Which was amazing. I nixed the grapes, got apple slices, and used homemade bread given to me by a friend. (Laura B has an electric knife that I used to cut the bread. SO MUCH FUN! We had two large bowls of bread.)

I LEFT THE CUPCAKES AT MICHELE’S HOUSE! Which is 45 minutes away. So no cupcakes. But I had the topping. So Laura & I made Maple Shortbread Cookies. Which were soft & fabulous. And I’m making them again soon.

So that was Dinner Club. Hopefully I can steal some of Jess’ pics when she posts on her blog. ;-)