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Lately I’ve had a hankering. To be crafty (or artsy. depends on the moment.) Mainly due to pinterest.

So I recently made a crafty wedding gift (which I will post in a couple weeks), and a crafy-ish birthday gift.

So, the birthday craft

Decoupaged canvases. Originally with this, I was going to make it monogrammed (the large canvas), but I ended up putting a photo I LOVE in the spot for the “J” stem. So I opted for a quote instead:

birthday gift

Quote reads (in two parts):
“The longing for beauty, along with an ability to recognize and experience it, exists in every human being…experiences of earthly beauty awaken a longing for the beauty of God.”
— The Dictionary of Biblical Imagery, ed. Ryken

gift deux

This was for Jessica and I used her fabulous photography to decorate the canvases. You can see her photos here. I printed out some of her black and white shots and decoupaged. Pretty simple.

(As usual, I didn’t get great photos of it. Sorry.)