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Yesterday was Craft Night! at Janelle’s. The plan is for this to become a regular event. Theme #1 – HOLIDAY WREATHS!

I used the tutorial on this blog to make my wreath. Looks crazy, but is SIMPLE.

fall wreath

Unfortunately, I ran out of felt with about 1.5″ diameter left, so today I ran to Michaels over lunch to pick up an extra sheet.

Some stats (because stats make anything sound more official):
Total felt sheets used: 11
Total time: approx. 2 hours
Total cost: $5.64 (+ tax)

In the cost breakdown, most of that was felt ($2) and the flower ($2). The great thing about the flower, is that it’s a CLIP-ON! So I can switch it out for different seasons. So now it looks pretty autumnal, but I have a nice purple-y-red flower I can stick on for Christmas.