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Weeks ago I mentioned I’d post some of the Christmas presents I’ve been working on. I’m a slacker. So, here’s decoupage project number 1! (I did quite a bit. Because it’s SO MUCH FUN.)

I got some thrift store books and found some old ones I didn’t mind tearing up. And by “didn’t mind,” I mean books that I could force myself to tear apart. I’m also a bit ridiculous; I wanted to use books that are readable. Because I’m totally that person who would read the tray or ornament or whatever.

The Alice Tray

I had this old copy of Alice in Wonderland that I got a thrift store ages ago because I love the cover. But I have a shelf copy already. So I got rippin’. ;-)

I colored/drew on the outside with crayon, then covered in modpodge and a faint color glaze.

Some of my favorite parts are the inside edges. I included snippets of the illustrations and fun text.

Alice Tray Detail(I’m trying to get better at staging for photos like this. Suggestions?)