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Once Upon a Time…

there was s girl who loved to take pictures, but she longed to know how to use her camera properly. then one day, she signed up for a class taught by a fairy godmother (professor), who taught her many things…

In case you have not gotten an idea yet what my final project’s theme is, it is fairy tale characters! (Surprise!) I’m still working on editing (and possibly naming) this project, but I thought I’d share some of the outtakes.

in the woods...
snow queen 2
Snow White
Prick of the Finger
The Little Mermaid

I’m sure I will be sharing more outtakes down the road.

I’ve tried to pick pretty recognizable fairy tale characters and illustrate a moment of their story. (NOT the Disney version.) I’m doing some new shots this afternoon and some re-takes.

Any suggestions for a theme title?