So, I have great friends. I have friends who probably have more initiative for my “career” than I do. Which is always helpful, occasionally annoying, but provides awesome opportunities like the fact that one of my pictures is hanging in a museum right now.

So, they hung it upside down. And I highly doubt they turned any pieces away. Regardless, I am hanging in a museum! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! {right-side up}

The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach has a gallery of portraits by local artists for the summer as a complement to an Andy Warhol exhibit.

And thanks to Laura of couponing fame, I found out about it just in time to submit a photo.

Here’s a stealth shot of the picture hanging in the gallery that she sent me:

So if anyone is out in Virginia Beach this summer, you should check out Snow White in person. In a museum. (!)

Anyone else have friends this awesome?