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If you didn’t read the title of the post with jazz hands going, please reread and try again. ;-)
It’s the final project for my summer class. Woo! It’ll be nice to have the evenings back, but I enjoyed it. And I learned stuff, so that’s a plus.

I did not end up finalizing project idea #1, but that’s still on the table for a rainy day. with the parameters of usable photos (shots taken in the last class and this one), I didn’t have enough to make it work. I focused on taking photos that would work for idea #2 and #3, because they were easier to knock out in the time frame I had. (With much assistance from friends – Emily, Angie and Rachel were great sports about letting me dress them up or driving me around unfamiliar towns to get the shots I needed. (Thanks guys!)

Without further ado, Idea #2, aka “I’ll try to build a castle from churches”:

Untitled (as always, click on the picture to see it larger)

For your viewing pleasure (gasps of astonishment are appreciated, though you may decide on your own whether it’s worth it), here are the pieces I used to build it:

Almost takes the magic away, doesn’t it?

Idea #3! (Which I actually have a title for, kinda)

~perception can change everything~

(click me!)

So the title is tentative: “perception can change everything” Thoughts? Cheesy? Ridiculous? It was a spur of the moment, upload-to-flickr-type decision.

And here are the pieces:

Man, the final images look tiny on here. You should totally go back and look at them bigger. It would make me feel better. Although, maybe not. I didn’t spend nearly as much time putting these together as I wanted to, and while I’m pleased enough with them overall, I could have done better on both. But such is life.

I have SO MANY pictures of steeples. I should probably see if any will be fun to play with on their own…

I was originally going to go all philosophical and talk about the thought process behind the images, but I’m not feeling it right now. So what do you see? Any deeper meanings shouting your name?