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I made this for a friend’s nursery, which was cowboy-themed. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to use bandanas. (Crafting for boys is hard.)

This one can be a bit time consuming. I got the idea from an old project, which you can see here (or you can click here to see the original inspiration for that one). For this though, I didn’t want to pull out the sewing machine.


You need:
Paint (in a background color of your choice) + brush
Fabric scraps
large needle

1. Begin by painting you canvas a solid background color, unless you plan to cover the entire thing in fabric. In that case, continue on!

2. Start laying out your fabric pieces. I did this in sections, although that can be frustrating when I wanted to overlap pieces that I’ve already attached, but I thought it would be too hard for me to lay the whole thing out and get it attached properly. I tried to use a bit of each fabric pattern in each section when I could.

3. Attach your pieces! Some sections I glued and some areas I sewed. Obviously, it’s hard to sew the pieces on around the frame, so I didn’t even attempt it there. I doubled up on the thread in different areas to make it show up better. On this piece, I cut some strips of fabric and poked some holes along one side (underneath a long fabric strip so the holes wouldn’t show) and looped them through to tie knots. As a finishing touch, I knotted some twine around the finished piece.

Anyone else tried anything like this? Let me know how it turned out!