This entry will be light on pictures, since I haven’t even finished looking through Wednesday’s shots yet. You can check flickr later for more, although there’s always a chance I”ll remember and put them here.

I started off Wednesday with an early muni ride and walk, including a stop at Cafe Francisco on Powell St. Then on to…


So here’s a tip: get there early! I”m pretty sure I was there at least 40 minutes early, and I definitely wasn’t the first. The Alcatraz tour is very interesting. DEfinitely not creepy–there are way too many tourists for that. I still haven’t finished sorting through my pics.

I took the bus to Coit Tower after the return to the mainland. I was searching for this castle that was an old restaurant apparently located on Telegraph Hill with the tower. I didn’t find it, but as I was looking through my pics today I saw I had a shot of it in one of my tower pics. Oh the irony.

Here’s a distance shot of Coit.

I think I’m going to have to finish the entry tomorrow, so I can do the afternoon justice. Until then, adieu!