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After the wandering at Coit Tower, I ventured back on the muni and stopped to take pictures of what I am calling the “Emerald City House.” Which I attribute to the fact that I am rereading all the L. Frank Baum Oz books.

Oddly enough, this house was a block away from Cafe Francisco, where I sat and waited for the muni that morning. I even have pictures of this house, I just didn’t see the windows from that angle. I then went to the place I had been anticipating ever since we drove by it on the tour Monday:

The Palace of Fine Arts

Built for the Panama-Pacific Exposition in 1915, it was so beloved that the city kept it. In the 60s it was refurbished, and either fortunately or unfortunately, it currently was having some work done so I couldn’t walk through it. But then, a bunch of tourists in the pictures probably could have snatched some of the magic away.

So here you go, Wednesday’s new favorites place:

Sigh. I totally want one.

I wandered a bit on Chestnut, which has a ton of shops, got dinner, and went back to the hostel for the evening.