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Yesterday I conned my parents into using their gas and money for a photo trip I wanted to make—also known as family time. ;-) Which, really, is what I do with my parents. We drive somewhere I want to go, my dad and I take pictures, and then we go eat somewhere my mom likes.

Most recent destination: Rosewell. In Gloucester. Never heard of it? I hadn’t until a few short months ago either. Another random internet search gem. (Castle, anyone?)

All I knew about it before this weekend I learned on the official website: http://www.rosewell.org/.

I honestly didn’t read most of the information I could have at the site, so I really don’t know too much more about it, but it was pretty sweet. Apparently it was a pretty spectacular place for parties in the 1700s. Take a boat up the river, hop in a carriage and pass through the cedar-lined driveway, and party all weekend. Something like that anyway…until it burned in a fire. Sad times.

I do have ideas of future adventures that need to happen there, so I viewed this more as a scouting mission than anything else.



the end of a perfect day...

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