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So if you are friends with me on facebook, you may have noticed portions of the following shot as my profile pic for almost two years. One is still my flickr pic.

I LOVED this day. It was a lot of fun and these shots turned out fantastic.

↑ So there was the indecisive conglom.↑

↑ Not going to lie. This one is my favorite. Because it’s sexy. ↑

↓ this was the winner for longtime facebook profile pic. ↓

which turned into this.

which earned me this comment: “I think you should know that your profile picture has come to life and has changed facial expressions.”


Next week: Starting the New Year off right with the expressions that didn’t make the cut.
[insert evil laughter here]

Although, I suppose the laughter shouldn’t be too evil, since they will be self portraits…hmmm.