In no particular order…

1. Solitaire & My Favorite Deck of Cards – Yes, I have a favorite deck. Black and silver. And I desperately love solitaire.

025/365 Solitaire

2. Gardenias – The smell is like heaven. seriously.

3. Fairy Tale: Snow White & Rose Red – (Click here to read.) Although that changed a few times. And by few I mean, a lot. I also love Sweetheart Roland, The Pink, Bluebeard and The Four Brothers. East of the Sun and West of the Moon. The Goose Girl. The Six Swans. The Twelve Dancing Princesses. The Blue Light. Rumplestiltskin. Maid Maleen. Oh my goodness, I need to stop. The sad thing is that I can keep going, all of the top of my head.
024/365  Fairy Tale, part deux

4. Musical: Wicked – The orchestration alone is worth the ticket. I really think that’s my favorite part. (Please overlook the horrendous editing on this one.)
087/365 Wicked!
5. Disney World – I know the pic is from Disneyland, I just didn’t have a Florida pic handy at the moment. I also liked Disneyland (and I definitely loved the lack of humidity!), I just think Disney World is better.
6. Cats – I am hands-down a cat person. I really like dogs, don’t get me wrong. I’d just rather have a cat.

7. Historic Houses – I love them. And I hate not being able to take pictures inside of them. It hurts my heart.
302/365 Biltmore

8. So this is a combo; favorite places: The Palace of Fine Arts & Muir Woods – Lovelovelovelovelove. I can’t express how much joy the palace brought me; as soon as I began walking through the woods, the presence of God was so palpable, I was holding back tears and trying very hard not to freak out everyone else on the trail by singing. Well, not singing loudly. Pretty sure I did sing.

The pictures really do no justice to these at all.

9. Villians – I do love me a good villian.
10. The Beach in Winter – Most of my beach photos are taken in the wintertime.