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Arin could totally have a career in modelling (If she worked on her core muscles a bit). ;-) Seriously, I love using Arin for photos.

Arin and Katie came with me on a photo adventure this past weekend and I was able to get some great shots for my class and for a new pet project of mine.

{She’s working her core. }

{one of my fave katie shots from the day}

{this was before I made her really uncomfortable in the cemetery.}

{Katie’s new signature heart for her car. it made a great frame.}

There are so many shots I love, it’s hard to choose which ones to post. As always, there will be more on my flickr account. If Katie posts any pictures on her flickr, you can see those here.

We drove down to Elizabeth City again for a whirlwind visit to a little park/dock, the fave cemetery, lunch at 3 Amigos, cupcakes downtown at a little bakery (SO great), and taking Arin into an alley.

Pretty soon I’ll post more pics of my solo visit to Elizabeth City last week, some beach shots, crafts, and some of my final edits for my class project.