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Here are a couple simple gift ideas. ;-) These were Christmas and birthday gifts and were relatively simple to do.
Initial TotesFor the above design, you get some of the cake plate doilies and go over it with a fabric marker or fabric paint. I used a marker and then did the letters. It’s hard to tell in the photos, but the “k” is pink and the “L” is red. Pretty simple. And pretty. People are amazed by it. (Got the idea on pinterest.)

The green bag is a variation of the same design, just with different placement and I added a ribbon and lace bow. The cake doilies are so versatile too. I used them on a t-shirt for my niece and for a another bag that I alternated between the pattern and freehand swirlies (I didn’t get a picture of that one.)

The giraffe bag is a fabric marker and time. ;-) I just drew that while looking at a giraffe pattern. Also simple but perfect for a giraffe-lover.