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Snow White

But hardly had she a bit of it in her mouth than she fell down dead.

About the Story

Some (sadly) little known facts: Snow White was not revived by a kiss! The queen tried to kill her first tightening her stay laces so she could not breathe, placing a poisoned comb in her hair and feeding her the poisoned apple. The dwarfs saved her from the first two, but were unable to revive her after the third. When the handsome prince came along and saw her in the glass coffin the dwarfs had made, he thought she was so beautiful that we wanted to take it (and her) with him. As it was being carried away, a piece of the apple that had been lodged in her throat came loose and she was alive again, and able to marry the (slightly creepy) prince. Good times, that.

While I applaud the Disney version for making the prince less shady, I hate Snow White so much in that movie that my favorite character is the queen. I sympathize. ;-)

About the Image

Not going to lie, this is my favorite shot in this series. I think Emily is a perfect Snow White. This was also the first and simplest shot out of the whole fairy tale theme. Some makeup, flowers, reflector to catch the setting sun, and some editing and voila! Done.

Further Reading

This is probably in my top five of fairy tale adaptations. I LOVE IT. You should too: Snow by Tracy Lynn


Tomorrow I’ll be posting all the images in succession, as they were presented. ;-)