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So, I already posted at least one of these pictures, but I thought it deserved its own page in the fairy tale collection. And I thought Alicia would appreciate her own post. ;-)

The Snow Queen

About the Story

So, the Snow Queen doesn’t actually do too much in the story, besides abscond with a little/teenage boy who wants to come with her. Which sounds entirely more awful like that than it does in the story. I always thought it was an odd choice for the title.

About the Photo

Alicia was very gracious and allowed me to commandeer her face and her bathroom for an entire afternoon to do this, after she fed me lunch. Part of the reason I asked her to do this was because I knew it would be a blast to do her makeup and she would enjoy the process. I think the hardest part for her was keeping the smile off her face during the photos.

I love the fierceness in this photo, but I think the one I included above has a nice wistfulness about it. (As well as being probably the most popular pic I’ve added to flickr. Over 100 views in one day! Big for me.)

Further Reading

Click here to read the story. It’s pretty long, so be prepared to dedicate a few minutes. I’m pretty sure I’ve read an adaptation of the story that I liked, but for the life of me, I can’t think of it. I may have to go home and search the bookshelves.