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188/365 hidden surpriseI am vain enough to admit that I don’t entirely love this picture of me (and by that I mean I think it’s kinda gross), but I also felt like it worked well for me today. This weekend was CRAZY. I’m talking digital-world, blog-wise. Oh my goodness, freshly pressed. You just rocked my little blog.

And it was as lovely surprise. Which, going back to today’s pic, is why I chose this one instead of the more flattering and artistic shots I was debating between.

On a family vacation a couple years ago, in the midst of a crazy day with brake trouble, tire trouble, and running back and forth around Knoxville, TN, I caught a glimpse of this fun little wall. So we turned around so I could get out and act silly. It was one of those happy little surprises God likes to throw your way that makes all the difference in your day.

And that’s a bit how I felt this weekend. Except more shell-shocked. Usually, it’s been a busy day on this thing if I get 30 people looking at it, and thanks to the magical people who pick the freshly pressed, I had over 5,000 hits on the blog this weekend. And that is CRAZY. And that is my God.

Thanks to everyone who visited and commented. I’ve read them all, even though I probably did not respond. You guys rock!