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So this was an interesting experience. I had this great idea of using bleach pens on a tshirt to make some pretty white roses on a tshirt. Had that worked, I probably would have covered the front of the tee in roses, but alas: the bleach pen did not work.

The last time I tried it, the bleach bled much more than I wanted, so I was looking forward to trying again. Which I did. Three times. If you look really close at the first picture, you might be able to see the faint marks the bleach pen made. After the third wash I decided it was time to pull out one of the trusty fabric markers… And here’s what I got:

Rose tshirt

I based the roses off a design we used on a backdrop for a show at college (when I say we, I mean the theatre department and my dear friend Jen, who ended up cutting out thousands of these roses herself).

Simple and unique tshirt idea.